Communication is the Key to Reform

When did we lose our ability to communicate? Or rather a better question, did we ever have it? As people, we find it hard to communicate with one another. Even the Founding Fathers struggled. The Founding Fathers especially struggled.
Are we improving upon what they did? Or are we actually reverting? We hold them up as some of the greatest minds our fair country has ever seen, but shouldn’t they be the most ignorant? After all these years of improved ideologies and technologies, shouldn’t we be smarter by now? Smart enough to know that communication is the key to reform.
I see it like this: every person on the planet is in an ongoing relationship with every other person on the planet. A relationship that, at it’s very least, all you have to do is coexist. What’s the number one thing in a long lasting relationship? Communication. What’s the second thing? Compromise. Why can’t we give these things to each other?
I would love to have just a big therapy session for the whole of planet earth. A place to talk about how each other makes us feel. Is this idealistic and naive? Yes. It’s also physically impossible, but good communication isn’t. Have good conversation amongst friends. Even amongst enemies. Communicate with your representatives. Call them, email them, annoy them. That’s their job, to hear you and your concerns. Politicians seem to forget that they are public servants. Remind them.
I myself cannot vote this year. I am on one hand saddened, that I cannot perform my American right, but also glad, that I don’t have to make the impossible decision that you all do. But please, if you can vote, do. Because if Brexit will teach us anything, it’s that democracy does work and your vote does count.

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