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wannabe music writer | photographer | pittsburgh


  • Scott Christley

    Scott Christley

  • Mike Hallihan

    Mike Hallihan

    Creator, The Intermission @IntermissionMe + @MikeHallihan

  • Matt Cermak

    Matt Cermak

    Co-Host @TheParTrain Podcast | Alumni @msubearsgolf🏌️‍♂️| Executive Board Member: @ULIChicago, @ChicagoCCAC, @CAPAGsays, @saintpatrickhs ☘️

  • HipHopUnrapped


    Unwrapping social issues through hip hop lyrics. New post every Monday, start your week off with some food for thought. Check out for more.

  • Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen

    iOS developer, theater geek, history nerd. Former Bionic Panda. I love San Francisco.

  • Jason Newton

    Jason Newton

    I write about life, music, personal development and living in Spain as a foreigner. Taking a break from Medium for a while.

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