Love is Love is Love, Not Hate

I could come on here and talk about my feelings concerning the Brock Turner case or about the murdering of an innocent musician at her own concert or about the mass slaughtering of 50 innocent people all because they dared to be who they are but honestly, I’m tired. No, I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted from being angry at people who are entirely unwilling to change. I’m exhausted from having to explain how Islam is not the problem, but those who take it too far are. I’m tired of understanding that 4 felonies should mean much more than 6 months in jail, but someone in a position of lawful power to do something about that doesn’t. But mostly, I’m exhausted from turning on the news every couple of days and seeing a new tragedy strike. I’m extremely tired having to deal with the idiots for days after, trying to act like they have any idea about what’s going on in this crazy world because as much as they talk, they don’t have a clue. And none of us do. Sometimes there are just crazy people with no compassion and innocent people are forced to pay for that lack of humanity in others. And it’s not right. In fact it’s cruel and horrifically painful at times to think that there’s nothing we can do because you can’t fix someone who’s convinced they’re not broken. Except there is something we can do. We can love. Love is our only defense against the tragedies of this world. So instead of ranting on Twitter about the media misconstruing an aspect of a shooter’s possible motive, tweet about the victims instead. Tweet how you will speak for them when they no longer can. Tweet about how you will stand with those fighting in their honor and memory. Tweet about how you are unafraid of what any “terrorists” will do because our indifference towards them is truly their biggest fear. Our heated Twitter debates causing a rift in our solidarity as a nation against hatred, is exactly what they want. Don’t give them that. They don’t deserve it. But those who have fallen and those who fight for the right things now deserve your love and your support. Give your love and your attention to those who deserve it and not to those who think killing others is the way to get it. I said I was exhausted about talking about tragedy, and I am, but I never tire of talking about love.

As a quote spoken by one of the smartest men of our time, Lin-Manuel Miranda: “Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love”. Well spoken, Lin. Go spread it.

[This post was originally published on my blog ]

wannabe music writer | photographer | pittsburgh

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